Gen is the real deal! She has a black belt in integrity which makes her utterly trustable in the work she does, and the promises she makes. She is truly an adept at meeting people where they are, and supporting them to achieve higher potentials. If you’re ready to radically shift your life and consciousness, I highly recommend working with Gen. Through her coaching, your strengths will be magnified, your challenges addressed, and your life will shift into greater ease and flow."

~ Toni Monsey, PhD

The first time I met Gen, I experienced an immediate connection with her. I instantly knew she was someone I could trust. The more we worked together, the more I started to see results in my personal growth as a mid-life adult. I started asking more questions and letting go of anxiety about not immediately knowing the answer to a dilemma. I started to interact with people from a baseline of courage, which brought more friends and working partners into my life. Gen's quiet and often playful presence has helped me relax my usual arms-length approach to life. I've started hearing and trusting my "inner teacher," and now stand "for" myself more often as a vital human being who deserves to live full-out. Gen's support has also been instrumental to me in my professional work as an academic administrator, author, and teacher. She has a way of listening carefully, and she goes WITH me to investigate what's needed to improve relationships with my own students and colleagues. I've grown closer to them, and they've started trusting me more. It's been empowering!"

~ Genet

Gen is an absolute rockstar. I guarantee that working with her will dramatically change your life for the better."

~ Wes