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My name is Genevieve Schaad and I have been a dedicated practitioner, student, and now certified teacher of Mutual Awakening™ for 3+ years. Through this work, I've become adept at meeting people and teams where they are and helping them to activate their inner strengths and power in order to profoundly and ongoingly bring forth their next levels in evolution.

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What do we focus on in the sessions?

In the private, couples, and team sessions, we focus on:

  • Finding and articulating current issues and concerns
  • Activating your own or your team's innate growth and awakening forces, and accessing untapped potentials
  • Freeing you from habitual patterns and old wounds
  • Upleveling your relational capacities
  • Taking a giant step towards your higher purpose and discovering deeper meaning in your life

The modalities I use include:

  • Mutual Awakening Practice (Albere)
  • Awakening through Dialog (Hamilton)
  • Spiritual Inquiry using Mystic Principles (Huebl)
  • 12-steps (AA & Integral Recovery)
  • Spiral Dynamics (McIntosh) & Levels of Development (O'Fallon)

Who am I?

My credentials include:

  • Mutual Awakening Teacher (2+ years)
  • 12-step recovery sponsor (3+ years)
  • Senior Operations Manager with my own tech startup (current)
  • Program Manager at Google (6 years)
  • Stage Manager at Birdbath Theatres (1 year)
  • Bachelor's in Cartography & GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2010)

My bio:

As a Mutual Awakening Teacher, I am obsessed with the field of human relating and inter-subjectivity. I am continually refining my own skills and abilities at the Mutual Awakening Practice through constant engagement with the Evolutionary Collective, teaching online every week for the Evolutionary Collective Global virtual community, and facilitating multiple small practice groups over the last 3 years within the EC.

I have worked one-on-one with people through a 12-step recovery program for over 3 years, specializing in addiction and recovery, and have seen radical improvement in individuals' perception of themselves and in their happiness and well-being.

Through program management at Google, stage and production management for a local theatre company, and now starting my own business in bringing forth integrity-based consumption and production practices, I am always finding new ways to get things done, be in integrity, and be empowered, efficient, and successful. Each of those roles involved working with and honoring the emotional needs and visions of individuals and entire teams.

My background has put me in a unique position to work with teams and individuals, understand the hardships that we all face including addiction and apathy, learn how to overcome obstacles together, and find deep fulfillment, fun, and intimacy in the process. And now I am passionate about sharing these skills with others!

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