Individual, Couples, and Team Counseling

Why Get Coaching?

Life is short. We dream about better times, the next vacation, launching a new endeavor, less stress, more intimacy in our relationships, better synergy and efficiency with the people we work with, being more creative, having a slimmer body... and yet time seems to fly by with little change.

Transformation often occurs fastest and surest through relation. By working ongoingly with someone, you can expedite your personal development by discovering and articulating the goals that are important to you, learning how to handle obstacles creatively that get in the way, and checking in with someone along the way to achieving those goals.

Where do I start?

Read through the various packages I offer below and then schedule a free consultation and information session to discuss what kind of support you are looking for and which commitment package might fit your needs and transformation potential! Here's what I offer:

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Individual Sessions

I work with individuals, one-on-one, over video (1 hour sessions) to explore issues, blocks, or frustrations in life, learn how to grow through them, and unlock the You that's dying to come through, shine like a diamond, dance, invent, be at peace, connect, and be of service to the world. Contact me with your interest in committing to a 3-week, 7-week, or 11-week package below.

3-weeks ($100/session)

Look at an issue or area in your life that needs support, open the doorway of possibility around that issue, and be set on a path of joyful living and personal success.

7-weeks ($90/session)

Really dive into what has been troubling you in life and find what your life is asking from you. Learn how to really come from your authentic self, empowered and whole.

11-weeks ($80/session)

Go all the way with your transformation, to infinity and beyond. Learn how to address issues as they arise, to feel grounded in truth and love, and to start developing the skills to change the world.

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Couples Sessions

I work with partners, spouses, friends, & business partners to discover the true beauty of the relationship, learn how to connect at profoundly deeper levels, discover your powerful We-Being and what it wants to bring forth in this world together, and learn how to be radically clear and honest with one another about what you need, want, and desire out of the relationship without judgement or fear. Contact me with your interest in committing to a 3-week, 7-week, or 11-week package below.

3-weeks ($150/session)

Look at an issue or area in your relationship that needs support and discover what that issue is asking for in your evolving relationship.

7-weeks ($140/session)

Really dive into what is going on within the relationship and underneath the surface. Learn how to each really come from your authentic self, empowered and whole, and how that empowers the relationship.

11-weeks ($130/session)

Radically up-level your relationship. Turn on the commitment and wholeheartedness of the relationship to the max so that you and your partner not only learn how to address issues as they arise, but profoundly evolve together and create an ever-secure container that can take on the world.

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Team Sessions

I also work with teams (3+ people)! Together we'll learn "who" the team truly is and how each member shines uniquely within it. I'll help your team learn how to deepen trust, powerfully connect and stay connected, communicate clearly, stay in integrity, rally behind a shared vision and the individual stands of each member, and be able to take on any problem the world throws at you as a team. Contact me with your interest in committing to a 4-hour, daylong, or 2-day team-building package below.

4-hour Workshop ($75 per team member)

Go through a small series of fun yet profound activities and exercises together meant to open the doorway and set the path of truly working together as One.

Daylong Workshop ($130 per team member)

Really unpack the team dynamics, culture, and really learn who is on the team. Create a shared vision for the team together and learn what gets in the way and how to powerfully transform the world together.

2-Day Workshop ($250 per team member)

In addition to the "Daylong Workshop" we'll also create an action plan, and learn tricks and techniques to stay focused, organized, and achieve your goals. Each member will take their own radical stand for their life and for their contribution to the team, and everyone will learn how to be "in with and for" them!

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Try out Mutual Awakening!

Curious to learn Mutual Awakening and join the WE-Evolution?? I teach Mutual Awakening courses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here for details regarding the upcoming 4-week course below or contact me if you can't make the dates below and would like to create a class on another night/location!

  • Course dates: Thursday, March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 2019 (8:00pm-9:30pm)
  • Free Intro Night: Thursday, March 14 (8:00pm-9:30pm)
  • Location: Highlands of Marin (Clubhouse), 1050 Cresta Way, San Rafael, CA 94903
  • Sign up now for the course: Here
  • Register for the free intro night: Here

Read more about Mutual Awakening here.