Discover Your Own Optimizing Force through Mutual Awakening

Mutual Awakening™ is a new kind of human relatedness discovered and coined by Patricia Albere through the Evolutionary Collective. It is a state and stage of consciousness where two or more people slip past the barriers of separation into true contact. The contact can be felt as an activation of the inner space between the participants, and as radical creativity, care, and support felt simultaneously by the participants in a shared experience.

In my coaching and team-building work, I use Mutual Awakening™ to truly meet clients where they are and to create a safe and potent space between us that opens clarity around issues, allows for change to take place if needed, and welcomes the full optimization of life to take place in and through the people I work with.

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Why Mutual Awakening™ is So Powerful

Mutual Awakening™ teaches us how to lean into the emerging moment together, which brings us into direct contact with the flow and truth of life that is often unavailable to us individually. It is as though our combined presence attracts and amplifies the optimizing forces of existence. Mutual Awakening™ goes to the heart of what most people are longing for -- to love and truly be with/for each other in a way where we are supporting each other’s highest potentials.

As Patricia Albere writes in her e-Book:

The dual awakening experience holds the key to the future. At this point in history we must develop the ability to turn towards the space between us in a stance of receptive surrender. When we do, we enter into a dimension of unity and connection that as human beings we know is not only the truth of our connection but what we need to live together. It activates and unleashes a profound level of spiritual creativity and care that will move humanity’s consciousness to the next stage.”

In My Experience

In my own experience, Mutual Awakening™ creates a kind of instant synchronicity. It can also bring a sense of immense spaciousness and ease. Even in the first practice, you can taste true safety, fullness, release, reset -- the all-too-common hunger of wanting to be seen and heard instantly satisfied. People often describe that it “feels like home” right from the start.

It turns out it is pretty time-consuming and energy-consuming to coordinate, collaborate, process, and “figure out” one another when we are separate. But when we enter into reality together, suddenly our shared awareness wakes things up, causes movement, energy, flow, synchronicity.

You find that you regulate one another in the space between, give each other what you need -- automatically, without thought, because you become part of the whole that cares for its parts. It is much more efficient and connecting and fun. It is enlivening.

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I teach Mutual Awakening courses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here for details regarding the upcoming 4-week course below or contact me if you can't make the course below and would like to create a class on another night/location!