My Mission

My name is Genevieve (you can call me Gen) and I have a mission: To radically shift your life or team into greater ease and flow, where you feel completely held by the universe, can see and address issues more clearly and effectively, and truly feel a confidence that you are living your life in accordance with your higher purpose. Yes! You deserve this!

How did I come to that mission? (My Story)

When I was 10, I had a thought -- that there had to be some "ultimate goodness" in this world, even if it was hard to see. And throughout my life, I could never quite shake that notion. Even as times got hard (and times got really hard through a severe drug addiction that kept me stoned for 10+ years), I obsessively kept searching for the "truth" that seemed so clear to me as a child.

This holy curiosity opened many doors and avenues for me. Philosophy, psychology, mindfulness, embodied practices, some drugs early on, physics, biology, astronomy, poetry, art (especially art) -- I love it all and it all touched the longing for deeper meaning, but there was still a hunger for more.

Then 3 years ago, I stumbled upon a practice and way of being and relating that I truly feel I'm built for. In July 2015 I attended a workshop by Patricia Albere and learned about the Mutual Awakening practice, and the rest is history!

What I learned in that workshop, and then further through my 3+ year engagement with the Evolutionary Collective and its Teacher Body, is that there is a new possibility for human relating that allows us to radically open up our thinking and learning about the world, which teaches us how to love and be there for one another, and seems to bring forth our individual uniquenesses like no other!

And most importantly (for you), I discovered that the techniques that I learned through Mutual Awakening can be used as a coaching model to expedite the growth of others! This is so exciting! And this is what I'm here to share with you if we work together.

Genevieve Schaad Counseling - in private session
Genevieve Schaad Counseling

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